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Our Mission Is To Promote The Well-Being Of The Community, From The Community, By The Community, And For The Community’s Benefit.

Who We Are

About Our Hemp-CBD Products

We develop and manufacture hemp derived CBD products following guidance from professional industries, state, local and federal laws.

  • We use organic hemp derived CBD (<0.3%THC) grown in the midwest
  • Full spectrum products are grown, processed and formulated by retired Nurse Practitioner Lisa Gall.
  • Whole spectrum products are grown, processed and formulated by American Extractions of Wisconsin.
  • Member MNis Ready Coalition
  • Work closely with MN funded Ag Utilization Research Institute
  • Products third party tested by certified labs, online results available
  • Follows labeling industry standards- as we work with policymakers to assure product safety standards

Heart 2 Hemp is a central Minnesota hemp and CBD production company founded to provide local access to high quality hemp-derived CBD products that are safe and easy to use; and to engage and educate local communities about the hemp industry and the many beneficial uses of the hemp plant.

Owner Lisa Gall is a retired Nurse Practitioner. She earned a Doctor of Nursing Practice at the University of MN. She has over 35 years of experience in healthcare and has been working as a Healthcare IT and Quality Expert since 2011.  She founded Heartland Hemp in 2018, rebranded to Heart 2 Hemp in 2020  - after discovering the GOOD EFFECTS of CBD  for herself and family members.  She soon discovered that various products produced inconsistent  results and finding a trustworthy CBD product was difficult.  An experienced healthcare provider, nurse, healthcare IT, policy and quality expert,  she researched and  educated herself by attending cannabis and hemp conferences, then developed products that her family, friends and community could trust and access.  Her passion is to help and educate others to use products wisely and safely, while removing the stigma of hemp – a plant with naturally occurring plant parts that our endocannabinoid system readily accepts. Hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as CBD (cannabidiol) and other cannabinoids are used more and more as a natural way to promote wellness and well being. Our customers can now enjoy the “good effects” of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD in safe and effective products, made by Heart 2 Hemp – because we care.

Disclaimer: Not all consumers will experience the same results with CBD products. 

**Products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition or disease. They are not meant as a substitute or alternative to treatment by a health care practitioner. Not for use by children. Pregnant or nursing women should check with their health care practitioner before use. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Products may contain  <o.3% THC by weight.

Professional Associations And Resources

Click the links for resources related to hemp -derived CBD + other cannabinoids - The SCC  provices clinical resources and education.

MNisReady Coalition

The MNisReady Coalition was started by three-leading cannabis advocacy groups in Minnesota: Sensible Change Minnesota, Minnesota NORML, and Minnesotans for Responsible Marijuana Regulation. Our goal is to bring together stakeholders who support cannabis legalization under one tent, where we can build the most political and social power to move this issue across the finish line.

Please visit and support our coalition members. They are the foundation of the movement we are building for an equitable, fair, and just cannabis regulation system.


The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) helps develop new uses for agricultural products through science and technology, partnering with businesses and entrepreneurs to bring ideas to reality.

SCC supports the practice of evidence-based cannabinoid medicine. This collection of research studies exists to guide clinical decision making. All included articles have been vetted by Board members to ensure that only rigorous, unbiased, and non-commercialized studies are included.

Hemp-derived CBD needs a formal structure to operate efficiently and safely. Click here to review the bill Click here to complete form from US Hemp Roundtable site urging Your Congressperson to Co-Sponsor H.R. 841 (Or Thank Them for Signing On!)

Click On The Map To Contact Your State Senators Or Representatives Regarding Cannabis Laws