Easy Use Guide

Our Guide To Help You Find The Right CBD Product And Dosage.

1. Use High Quality Extract

  1. Know where and how your hemp was grown. Heart 2 Hemp uses certified organic hemp grown in the Midwest with <0.3% THC. Hemp is a purifying plant, it cleans the earth and air, soaking up nutrients from the earth, and potentially taking up heavy metals and other chemicals from the earth and fertilizers. That is why we use organic hemp, and have our hemp and products tested by third party for heavy metals, residual solvents and cannabinoid content.
  2. Know how your hemp extract was processed and by whom! The extraction process can leave unwanted chemicals and residue behind during processing, and a bitter taste if the plant chlorophylls are extracted with chemicals.  At Heart 2 Hemp, we use the purest extraction technology.  We use cryo-ethanol extract for our full spectrum products, and the newest technology of energy-extraction for our WHOLE spectrum products, which retains 99.99% of the hemp plant parts, with NO chemicals or solvents used during processing. This assures every cannabinoid and terpene is left intact, with no uptake of potentially harmful substances, and no bitter chlorophyl.

Heart 2 Hemp's  FULL and WHOLE spectrum hemp-derived CBD products provide the benefits of the “entourage effect” –  allowing CBD and other cannabinoids  to potentiate their effects by opening  the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies when taken together, allowing them to work more effectively.  Our FULL spectrum hemp products retain the majority of the plant and our WHOLE spectrum hemp products retain all of the original plant parts - the way nature intended.

Our ethanol extracts  retain the full plant cannabinoid profile without pulling the bitter chlorophyll during chemical processing.

Our CBD oils are absorbed quickly under the tongue, eliminating the "third pass" effect, which when taken by mouth, eliminates a small portion of the cannabis effects in your liver and gut. We provide easy to use formulations and calibrated droppers for accuracy.

Our FULL Spectrum CBD is professionally formulated at 20 mg per ML and 30 mg per ML, with optional added terpenes for uplifting, creative or calming effects.

Our WHOLE Spectrum CBD Oil is professionally formulated at 50 mg/ml and 75 mg/ml.  It is also available in 30 mg tablets or vegan real fruit gummies.

2. Choose A CBD Product To Meet Your Needs And Budget

Identify your target daily amount by milligrams of full spectrum Hemp CBD. Not everyone will experience the same results from Hemp/CBD Oil. *Total daily amount may depend on size, age, needs, body metabolism, etc. 

Heart 2 Hemp Soulunar CBD - 30 mg per ml

Our Soulunar Line of Full Spectrum CBD supplement the flavinoids (flavor) and terpene strains (effects) of our products. They are available in Sativa Energy, Hybrid Focus/Alert or Indica Calm.

If you are using our Soulunar (terpene-infused) CBD, this is 30 mg per milliliter

1 ml = 30 mg         1/2   ml= 15 mg        1/4 ml = 7.5 mg

Here is an example of calculating your daily amount:

  • 1 ml = 30 mg taken twice a day = 60 mg/day
  • 0.75 ml = 22.5 mg taken twice a day = 45 mg/day
  • 0.5 ml = 15 mg taken twice a day = 30 mg/day
  • 0.25 ml = 7.5 mg taken twice a day = 15 mg/day
Available in 1500 mg or 2250 mg per ounce (30 ml)

Solvent-free, chemical-free extract in Hemp seed oil with 100% of the hemp plant, rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9.

If you are using the 1500 mg bottle of whole spectrum CBD - this is 50 mg per milliliter

1 ml = 50 mg         1/2   ml= 25 mg        1/4 ml = 12.5 mg

If you are using the 2250 mg bottle of whole spectrum CBD this is 75 mg per milliliter

1 ml = 75 mg         1/2   ml= 37.5 mg      1/4 ml = 18.75 mg

3. Discover And Enjoy!

How to use Heart 2 Hemp CBD  OIL  Tinctures

  • Set your goal amount (most people use 10-30 mg per day).
  • Start with double your goal amount per day.
  • Decrease the amount you take every few days to find lowest effective amount for you (see below).
  • Adjust as needed for maintenance, and increase or decrease to match your life’s changes.
  1. Days 1-3 use twice your goal dose (1 ml twice a day)
  2. Days 4-7 – try to decrease to 0.75 ml twice a day. If no response, continue the higher dose for a few more days before you decrease.
  3. Days  8-14 – increase or decrease as needed to find your lowest or best effective dose. If you need a higher dose, stay on it for at least a week before trying to decrease.
  4. Ongoing: Vary as your body needs and as your needs change

Hemp Tips

  • Sublingual CBD Oil/Tinctures: For maximum absorption, do not use more than 1 mL at a time
  • Keep it under your tongue by the rich blood vessels, as long as possible
  • Try not to drink/eat for several minutes after using tincture
  • Suggested Use: 1-3 times a day, and as needed
  • Everyone needs a different amount
  • Substitute between Hemp Gummies and tinctures
  • CBD works at the cellular levels in your body
  • Our products contain < 0.3% THC which is the only cannabinoid that works at the brain level (psychoactive)
  • Our FULL spectrum tinctures are extracted with food grade grain ethanol, and filtered for purity; grown, processed and manufactured in MN. Full Spectrum products are developed and formulated by retired nurse practitioner Lisa Gall, a healthcare quality expert.
  • Our WHOLE spectrum products are extracted without solvents or chemicals, produced by American Extractions in WI,
  • All products are third party tested by certified labs with results available online.
  • We also carry Hemp CBD Lotions, massage oils and soaps.
  • Pet Treats are available in great tasting 10 mg treats. Smaller dogs may only need 1/4 -1/2  of a treat.

Whole Spectrum Heart 2 Hemp Gummy Hearts – 30 mg per Gummy

  •  Whole spectrum 30 mg per gummy
  • Vegan, sugar-free, made with natural ingredients
  • Use once or twice a day, and as needed
  • May use as substitute or in addition to Hemp CBD Tincture
  • Gut absorption may take a little more to get the same effect due to third pass effect of liver and gut.
  • Take after a small amount of fatty food, ie. Cheese, milk
  • Sucking may provide faster onset, less loss of CBD in gut
  • Chewing/ swallowing may provide longer effects/ Slower absorption