Calm Relax - 900 mg Full Spectrum CBD in 30 ml (1 oz) MCT Oil with INDICA terpenes

New Soulunar line of CBD - terpene infused
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UPC: 850014159023
Brand: Heart 2 Hemp

Our 900 mg Hemp-derived CBD provides great results - so you can be your best! We use hemp grown on pristine Amish farmland in southern Minnesota, extracted with purest process using cryo-ethanol to get the purest extract, leaving behind the full cannabinoid profile.

Hemp offers good effects with no side effects. Using full spectrum extract allows cannabinoids to work together better, increasing the positive effects. This is called the entourage effect.

Our Soulunar line - has added plant-derived terpenes, available in INDICA, SATIVA or HYBRID. This product has Calming INDICA Terpenes.

Ingredients: 60/40 Organic 60/40 MCT (coconut oil), aerial hemp plant parts, natural flavoring, Indica plant terpenes.

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